History Of Music Consumption

  • Phonograph

    The Phonograph invented by Thomas Edison, was the first device to record or play your own personal music. It contained a built in speaker and wind up handle.
  • Gramophone

    The First Flat Gramaphone was invented by Emilie Berliner which was able to play flat discs for people to enjoy their favourite songs at home.
  • Jukebox

    The first jukebox was invented by Louis Glass which was operated by coin. It was first introduced in San Fransico, America where it became a huge hit.
  • Vinyls

    Vinyls also known as PVC were created
  • Casettes

    The cassette tape became popular when the brand Philips created the player
  • Sony Walkman

    Sony Walkman
    Sony brung out a hand held tape player with headphones.
  • CD

    The CD came out
  • MP3 released

    MP3 released
    The MP3's were realesed.
  • Apple iPod

    Apple iPod
    The first generation of Apple iPod was first created where you could plug it into the computer and buy music on Apple iTunes.