History of Multicultural Education

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  • Social Constructivist Theories

    Social Constructivist Theories
    Lev Vygotsky theory changed the mind of many teachers by providing ideas onto how to strengthen an individual's mind. He suggested into peer groups helps one grow thoughts and perception. This has benefited young students to become open-minded of other people experiences. Which attributes into finding new skills to solve a problem and to know there are similar experiences that we all share as a society.
  • Samuel A. Kirk - Learning Disability

    Samuel A. Kirk - Learning Disability
    Samuel A. Kirk was the father of special education who taught children who struggled academically. He is the reason that there is the term "learning disability". Samuel A. Kirk made a impact to many young students and gave them the opportunity to learn. Before his speech, schools did not provided education for the children with disability. In modern times, there are now classes and routines that teachers have to make sure they are not being left behind or discriminated.
  • First Bilingual Elementary School

    First Bilingual Elementary School
    There was a issue In Cuba that caused thousands to migrate to the U.S. In other words, for children to keep their heritage they did not force English upon them. Instead they had a subject to where they taught English and Spanish. This changed today's education because there not only bilingual schools but they provide other languages. Helping young students learn other languages and know about different cultures around the world.
  • Civil Rights Acts

    Civil Rights Acts
    The civil rights acts helped abolished discrimination to not only race, gender, and religion. School now allowed for all races to be taught in the same room yet be provided the materials that white's were privileged. The movement benefited all races that enters school because they taught other generations to treat people as equal. This made a huge impact because everyone in the U.S has a fair share to have a future.
  • Project Head Start

    Project Head Start
    This summer program was enforced for children that came from low income families. The program ensured that children's nutrition, social, psychological were met due to stress from their living conditions. Head start is still around that not only helps low income children's but have been meeting the needs of disabilities. The purpose of the program was to help toddlers to be prepared for school. It has now extended to infants to the ages five to help parents similar to daycare.
  • Dartmouth Admits Women

    Dartmouth Admits Women
    Dartmouth begins to widen its school population by allowing women to attend. They accepted 1000 of woman in 1972 that changed equality against gender. This benefits woman's because they are able to have a voice and be educated to be in the same work force. By strengthening moderns time, college women are able to participate yet bring ideas in classes.
  • Board Of Education Vs Pico

    Board Of Education Vs Pico
    There was an issue where school districts were banning certain books. The district believed that the books were inappropriate however they were violating the first amendment. This made an impact to education because students can explore their own beliefs. The variety of books can teach one about different religions which helps brings Independence.
  • Online Classes

    Online Classes
    The University of Phoenix was the first college to provide full courses online to receive a bachelor and master degree. This is important because it gave thousands of people opportunities to finish school. They were able to be flexible with their courses if they had full time jobs or a family to care for.
  • Columbine Highschool

    Columbine Highschool
    The shooting that occurred in high school that killed 15 people. It did not change only the students lives but nationwide. The shooting made school official more aware of gun control and safety in campuses. There are now security, and even established a routine for students if a shooter were to be in campus.
  • Transgender Use Of Bathrooms

    Transgender Use Of Bathrooms
    There was a controversy to if transgender were allowed to use their opposite sex bathroom. People saw this as unmoral and they should use the bathroom of the sex they were born. There is no law that schools have to give access to trans but their would be lawsuits involved. This encourage students and teaches to accept their fellow trans genders identity.