History of Mobile Phones and Mobile Networks

Timeline created by gabisnead
  • First ever test of wireless (mobile) telephony

    The German railroad system begins testing wireless telephony for the German military on military trains running between Berlin and Zossen
  • First public trial of wireless (mobile) telephony

    Public trials of the wirless telephony first tested in 1918 began on trains running between Berlin and Hamburg
  • First Mobile "Network" Launched by Bell Labs in St Louis, Missouri USA

    The first mobile network was launched by Bell Labs and AT&T in St Louis, Missouri. However, coverage was very limited and the number of simultaneous mobile users was even more limited
  • MTS (Mobile Telephone Service) was launched by AT&T

    This service was the first real mobile network. It had only 5000 subscribers making about 30,000 calls per week. The cost of the service was over $200 per month plus about $5 per call in Australian Dollars at today's value.
  • MTS Sweden launches first fully automated mobile service

    Calls could be made without an operator using rotary dialing
  • AT&T Launches Improved Mobile Telephone Service (IMTS)

    The improvements included a wider coverage area and increased capacity although demand soon was greater than the capacity
  • Motorola launches first handheld phone (weighing 1.1kg)!

    Motorola launches first handheld phone (weighing 1.1kg)!
  • First "Cellular" (1G) Analogue Network Launched in Japan

    Cellular technology revolutionised mobile capabilities allowing mass usage of mobile phones
  • Telecom (Telstra) Launches 1G Network in Australia

  • First Digital Network launched in FInland (2G)

  • Optus launches second Australian 1G Network

  • IBM Launches First "Smartphone"

  • First internet service available on a mobile device in Japan

  • 1st 3G Mobile Broadband Network Launched in Japan

  • "Three" launches first 3G network in Australia

  • Lightest mobile phone developed weighing only 40 grams

    Lightest mobile phone developed weighing only 40 grams
  • 1st Faster 4G Network Launched (Native IP Networks)

    4G is the type of network most Australians now use