History of Microsoft

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    History of Microsoft

  • Microsoft is Founded

    Microsoft starts. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
  • Microsoft Windows Debut

    Windows was the first Home operating system for Personal Compueter. (PC)
  • Windows 1.0 Released

    The first version of Microsofts windows.
  • Windows 2 Released

    The second version of Microsoft windows
  • Windows/386 Released

  • Windows 3 Released

  • Windows 95 Released

  • Windows 4 Released

  • Windows CE Released

  • Windows 98 Released

  • Windows 2000 Released

  • Windows XP Released

  • X-box is Released

    Microsofts first video game console.
  • Microsoft buys Rare

    Rare is responsable for making games like Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. Microsoft bought it for $375 million dollars.
  • X-box Live

    First console that allows online play.
  • X-box 360 Released

    Following the success of their first system, Microsoft creates the x-box 360.
  • Microsoft buys Lionhead Studios

    Lionhead is a British Gaming company that started in 2001. They made popular games like the fable series.
  • Windows Vista Realeased

  • Windows 7 Released

    The current and most up to date version of windows
  • Microsoft buys Skype

    Skype is a popular free video and voice chat app on the computer. Microsoft bought it for 8.5 billion.