History Of Matt Marion's Time

  • Los Angeles Riots

    Los Angeles Riots
    This riot resulted in 50 deaths and over 1 billion dollars. It was one of the worst riots in American history.

  • Czechoslavakia Splits

    Czechoslavakia Splits
    The Czech Republic and Slovakia Republic formed which is a huge step to freedom in Communist countries in Europe.
  • Rwanda Genocide

    Rwanda Genocide
    The Rwanda Genocide took place for 100 days and killed 800,000 people, which is 20% of all the population.
  • The Chunnel is Made

    The Chunnel is Made
    The Chunnel is made in between France and England underground. It is beneath the water.
  • Ebola Virus Starts

    Ebola Virus Starts
    The first signs of the Ebola Virus is seen in Zaire, Africa. It kills 240 people in the first year it was found.
  • Oklahoma City Bombings

    Oklahoma City Bombings
    This bombing killed 168 people, 9 of which were children and it wounded 800. Timothy McVeigh was put for death for this.
  • Port Arthur Massacre

    Port Arthur Massacre
    Martin Bryant kills 36 people in 18 hours for no reason. 3 children died. This happened in Australia.
  • Dunblane Massacre

    Dunblane Massacre
    A man in England goes into a school and kills 16 children and 1 adult. This was the deadliest school shooting in England's history.
  • Hong Kong's Independence.

    Hong Kong's Independence.
    Hong Kong recieves it's independence from England.
  • Princess Diana Dies

    Princess Diana Dies
    Princess Diana dies while trying to get away from the paparazzi in London. Her car crash was very devastating to many people.
  • Matthew Shepard Murdered

    Matthew Shepard Murdered
    This was a turning point for gay rights. Matthew Shepard was murdered very brutally in Colorado by Aaron Mckinney and Russell Henderson.
  • Columbine High School Shootings

    Columbine High School Shootings
    This was the deadliest mass massacre in a school. 13 people died and wounded 23 others. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made these attrotrious acts.
  • 9/11 Attacks

    9/11 Attacks
    9/11 was multiple attacks on American soil and it happened on September 11th, where it got it's name. Almost 3000 people died along with the hijackers. The Pentagon and the World Trade Centers were hit.
  • Space Shuttle Columbia Explodes

    Space Shuttle Columbia Explodes
    The space shuttle Columbia explodes over Texas while going into space killing everyone on board.
  • Kyoto Protocal

    Kyoto Protocal
    141 countries decide to reduce emmesions down in their countries.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina was the 6th largest recorded hurricane in Atlantic history and it killed over 1836 people. It took months to recover.
  • Virgina Tech Massacre

    Virgina Tech Massacre
    Virgina Tech shootings were the worst in history. 32 people died, and the shooter was abosolutly insane.
  • Haiti Earthquake

    Haiti Earthquake
    This earthquake was a 7.0. 316,000 people died because of the buildings that they had there. They were made out of wood, and they weren't that stable for the earthquake.
  • Egypt Revolts

    Egypt Revolts
    Hosni Mubarak would not back down out of office. Everyone in Egypt wanted a new leader, so they started rioting and protesting. No one was killed, but there was alot of destruction.
  • Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

    Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
    6 miles from Japan in the Pacific Ocean was a 8.9 earthquake which triggered 30 feet waves into the Miyagi prefecture. It killed over 12,000 people.