History of Life

  • 5 BYA

    5 BYA
    Solar system began to form
  • 4.6 BYA

    4.6 BYA
    The Earth began its formation. It grew by colliding space debris.
  • 4 BYA

    4 BYA
    Volcanoes attmitted gas which formed to create the atmosphere
  • 4 BYA

    4 BYA
    Methanosarcin barkeri
    Produces methane during metabolism, Archaea are thought to be similar to the types of cellullar life that first populated life.
  • 3.5 BYA

    3.5 BYA
    Lynga Cells
    Fossils of stromatolites are are found as old as 3.5 BYA, the lyngya cells grew in layers called stromatolites. Lyngya cells are prokaryotic cells, theat a photosynthetic, and unicellular
  • 3 BYA

    3 BYA
    Some forms of life had become photostnthetic.
  • 2.2 BYA

    2.2 BYA
    Earth appeared much as it does today
  • 2 BYA

    2 BYA
    O2 levels reached today's levels
  • 1.5 BYA

    1.5 BYA
    Aerobic Prokaryote
    Type of aerobic prokaryote was engolfed by and began to live and reproduce inside of a larger, anaerobic prokaryote. Theory is called Endosymbiosis.
  • 1 BYA

    1 BYA
    Ozone (O3) formed – protected organisms from harmful UV rays so they could exist on land
  • 1668

    Redi's Experiment
    Large amounts of the worlds carbon 14 decayed, Redi realized that when he allowed flies in his meat maggots appeared, and when he didn’t no maggots appeared
  • 1700-1800

    Spallazani's Experiment
    Spallazani realized that when you seal the glass container of broth it remains clean, but when you leave it open bacteria appears.
  • 1800-1900

    Pasteur's Experiment
    Pausture used curve necked beekers to show that gravity causes microorganisms to fall in, they do not just appear.
  • 1900- Present

    1900- Present
    Lynn Margullis proposed that early prokaryotic cells may have developed a mutually benificial relationship.
  • 1659 Thomas Crech

    1659 Thomas Crech
    Found type of RNA the is found in some unicellular eurokatyotes to act as a chemical catalyst
  • Urey and Miller

    Urey and Miller
    Set up experiments to test oparin's hypothesis
  • Fox

    Did extensive research on physical structures that may have given rise to the first cells
  • Radiometric Dating

    Radiometric Dating
    Techniques that can determine a range of plausibe dates for how old objects are. This is how they found out how old the earth is
  • Lynn Margulis 1938

    Lynn Margulis 1938
    Proposed that earlier prokaryotic cells may have developed a mutually beneficial relationship
  • First Microscopes 1590

    First Microscopes 1590
    Light Microscope that used optical lenses to magnify objects by bending light rays
  • Oparin's Hypothesis

    Oparin's Hypothesis
    Stated how and where elements were assemble into organic compounds. Died before he ever got to test it