History of Laptops

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    History of Laptops

    A history of laptops.
  • Osborne 1

    Osborne 1
  • Grid Compass

    The first laptop with the basic components of the modern laptop.
  • Gavillan SC

    Gavillan SC
    The first laptop with a touchpad. It was also the first computer to be marketed as a 'laptop'.
  • Kyotronic 85

    Kyotronic 85
    The biggest-selling early laptop which was
  • Apple PowerBook

    Apple PowerBook
    The first laptop with many of the now standard features in modern laptops.
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95
    The first standardised operating system for laptopa and computers. It also standardised features for laptops, such as CD-ROM drives and Pentium processors which were previously not always available.
  • Laptops outsell desktops.

    For the first time, laptops outsell desktops.