Megan thee stallion

History Of Jazz Midterm

  • Jazz: The Root of it all

    Jazz: The Root of it all
    Jazz Music has a direct correlation to Soul Music. Where Jazz is more focused on the music and the free-flowing improvisation. Soul is more lyrically based and feels more gospel. This direct correlation is how we see artists like Meg exist today. Meg takes the gender roles of music and flips it, much like the music that came before she flipped racial and economic lines. This timeline shows how from lyrics to beats, and even the region she comes from Meg has come from all types of music genres.
  • Soul Music: An Evolution

    Soul Music: An Evolution
    Looking at the description of Soul Music "Catchy rhythms, stressed by handclaps and extemporaneous body moves, are an important feature of soul music." We see how these characteristics are so integral to Rap Music. Soul was seen in Black Churches in the South and it stresses the importance of African-American culture, we see this also in Rap Music. The pride that came from soul, hasn't stopped and has been adapted in a modern way. Ray Charles and Sam Cooke are pioneers of this music.
  • James Brown: Funk Music is Here

    James Brown: Funk Music is Here
    Rap finds its original roots in both Funk and Soul music. Funk music is seen as made by artist James Brown. His song "Papas Got a Brand New Bag" is credited as the first funk song. "Time magazine suggested in 1954 that it was connected to the smoky atmosphere of jazz clubs. So even before Brown had made the first funk records, music — especially African American music — was being described as “funky”. The characteristics of high beat with horns, with the root of soul music is what created funk.
  • Grand Wizzard Theodore: The Needle Drop

    Grand Wizzard Theodore: The Needle Drop
    Grand Wizzard Theodore, is credited for the invention of the scratch and the needle drop technique. . He says in a story " “I came home and played my music too loud, and my mom was banging on the door. When she opened the door, I turned the music down, but the music was still playing in my headphones. I had turned down the speakers but was still holding the record and moving it back and forth listening in my headphones. And as time went by, and soon it became scratching.”
  • Kurtis Blow: The First Rapper

    Kurtis Blow: The First Rapper
    Kurtis Blow is seen as the first rapper. Although the creation of rap is not one person, but an amalgamation of many things Blow has made his mark. He is the first commercially successful rapper and the first to sign with a major record label. His song "The Breaks" is the first certified gold record rap song ever. He was signed to Mercury Labels and went on to make 17 Albums. He also works as a producer and is credited as a producer on hits by Run D.M.C.
  • The Showboys: Southern Rap

    The Showboys: Southern Rap
    Drag Rap allowed for the formation of what is seen as Southern Hip-Hop today. It was first done by The Showboys, Orville Hall and Phillip Price in Queens. They made the Drag Rap as a Rap that told a story. They saw the 1950s cop show Dragnet and started rapping over the theme song. "The song is a classic story rap that lifts both its sonic and structural cues directly from Dragnet". This song and the duo behind is are seen as the very first in Southern Rap.
  • Outkast Best New Artist: A Change in Rap

    Outkast Best New Artist: A Change in Rap
    Rap at this time was deeply divided. The East Coast had rappers like The Notorious B.I.G and the Wu-Tang Clan. Whereas the West Coast had artists like N.W.A and 2Pac. The South was largely ignored. That year, at the Source Awards Duo Outkast, won. Andre 300 said "But it's like this though, I'm tired of them closed-minded folks, it's like we gotta demo tape but don't nobody want to hear it. But it's like this: the South got something to say, that's all I got to say.
  • Pimp C: Meg's Personal Inspiration

    Pimp C: Meg's Personal Inspiration
    Pimp C, whose real name was Chad Butler was a part of the Houston rap group UGK. Pimp's career was burdened with his own issues with the law and drug abuse. His discography ranges over many years due to his few long stints in jail. We hear the same quick fast rap that Meg is known for in his music as well. This as well as the sexually explicit content that Meghan has done a complete role reversal of has put her on the map. The common thread for them is Southern Hip-Hop.
  • My Artist: Meghan Thee Stallion

    My Artist: Meghan Thee Stallion
    Meghan Thee Stallion was born in Houston Texas. She credits the culture of Houston as well as rapper Pimp C of UGKShe is known for hits like "Body", "Savage" and "WAP" with Cardi B. She has had two albums in two years, "Good News " and Traumazine" Meghan won 3 Grammys, including Best New Artist for the 2021 Grammy Awards. Meghan is known for her "foul-mouthed energy, extolling her sexual prowess" where she "spits over hard-hitting hi-hats and heavy bass"