History of Headphones

  • Headphones ~ Past

    Headphones ~ Past
    Past~~The first headphones were made in 1958 by John C. Koss.
  • Telephone operators

    Headphones were used only in industry by telephone operators.
  • Headphones

    They were made out of carboard and held in place by a military headband.
    The first headphones were made to provide the listener with a full amplitude of sound. The history of headphones all began by the telephone.
  • Present ~ Headphones

    Present ~ Headphones
    Present headphones at the moment that you buy at your local store are used to just listen to music mostly.
  • Noise cancelling Headphones

    Well-known today are the noise cancelling headphones. They were made to block out noises in the back ground. Usually, made for air travelers.
  • Future Headphones

    Future Headphones
    The future of Headphones could be better than what we have now. In the future, it could be possible to not only listen to music but maybe watch a music video while it's connected to your iPod/mp3.
  • Smaller.

    Headphones could possibly shrink down in size as the time passes.
  • Wireless.

    In conclusion, headphones could become wireless from time to time. Maybe even double headed ear buds.