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History of Football Helmets

  • First football helmet

    First football helmet
    The first helmet was made by George Barclay. He developed the "head harness" by designing a headgear which had three thick leather straps forming a close fit around his head, made by a harness maker.
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    Football Helmet Timeline

  • Leather football helmet

    Leather football helmet
    This leather helmet was used by the Syracuse University football team.
  • Plastic football helmet

    Plastic football helmet
    The plastic football helmet was invented and patented by John T. Riddell and his son John T. Riddell Jr., of the John T. Riddell Company in Chicago.
  • First face mask helmet

    First face mask helmet
    G.E. Morgan a consultant to Riddell, and Paul Brown the coach of the Cleveland Browns, invented the BT-5 face mask which is the single bar design.
  • Energy absorbing helmet

    Energy absorbing helmet
    The Riddell Company received a patent for "Energy Absorbing and Sizing Means for Helmets." The result: new HA-91 and HA-92 energy-absorbing, "microfit" helmet.
  • Helmet with four point chin straps

    Helmet with four point chin straps
    Because of concern for safety, four point chin straps were required in college ball.
  • Rigid plastic helmets and face masks

    Rigid plastic helmets and face masks
    Space age rigid Polycarbonate alloy plastic helmets and vinyl coated steel alloy face masks were the norm in the 1980's and 1990's.
  • Spherical helmet design

    Spherical helmet design
    2002 Riddell released a new more spherical design for the helmet called the Revolution (or Revo) and it is currently the most widely used helmet in the National Football League