History of Football

  • American Football

    American Football
    Walter Camp invented American Football. He got the idea from William Ebb Ellis who was playing soccer. In Football you only get four downs.
  • Football Helmet

    Football Helmet
    George Barclay invented the football helmet. He went to Lafyette College. Leather and plastic football helmets weren't used until the 1939s.
  • Football Eletronic Scoreboard

    Football Eletronic Scoreboard
    George A. Baird created the eletronic scoreboard. The eletronic scoreboard didn't become popular until the 1930s. It was also used in many other sports.
  • Football Facemask

    Football Facemask
    Vern McMillan invented the football facemask. He owned a sporting goods store in Terre Haute, Indiana. The facemask is used to protect the face.
  • instant replay

    instant replay
    The instant replay used videotape occured on July 17, 1959. It was videotaping a New York Yankees broadcast. People use instant replay in alot of different sports.
  • Astroturf

    James Faria and Robert Wright co-invented astroturf. They also patented the idea. Astroturf is a type of synthetic grass.
  • synthetic pads

    synthetic pads
    Synthetic pads are made of plastic and snthetic materials. The materials that made the pad makes the pad lighter and stronger. The first pads were invented in 1877.
  • Helmet Headsets

    Helmet Headsets
    The head radio technology was introduced in the year of 1994. It allowed coaches and players to communacate back and forth. The headsetsmay also malfunction during the game.
  • New York Jets Stadium

    New York Jets Stadium
    There are about 30 teams stadiums that opened later than the New York Jets stadium did. The NY Giants opened their stadium in the same exact year. The NY Jets and the NY Giants stadium in the same place because the Jets and the Giants are both from New York.
  • Triplex 3-Way Kicking Tee

    Triplex 3-Way Kicking Tee
    The triplex 3 Way kicking tee was inttroduced in 2012. It wasfirst used in the Orange Bowl by a West Virginia kicker. It also has been used by alot of other highschool and college kickers.