History of Elizabethan Theatre

  • Period: Jan 1, 1564 to

    History of Elizabethan Theatre

  • Apr 23, 1564

    William Shakespeare was Born

  • Aug 3, 1576

    James Burbage obtains lease and permission to build 'The Theatre' in London.

    The Lord Chamberlain's Men use it from 1594 to 1596
  • Oct 16, 1577

    "The Curtain" was built in Finsbury Fields, Shoreditch, London.

    Another open air amphitheatre called The Curtain opens.
  • An open amphlitheatre "The Rose" in Surrey is built.

  • Theatres close due to the Bubonic Plague (The Black Death)

  • The Lord Chamberlain's Company Men' was formed.

  • The Lord Chamberlain dies.

    The acting troupe lose this important patron

  • From 1596 to 1597 London's authorities banned the public presentation of plays within the city limits of London.

    The troupe therefore cannot play at their normal winter venue The Cross Keys
 Inn-yard. The Swan is located as their temporary winter venue.

  • Dispute over the lease of 'the Theatre'.

    The Puritan owner, Giles Allen. disapproved of the Theatre
 and the acting troupe
  • Troupe Moves to the "Curtain Theatre"

    Shakespeare's company of actors moved to the Curtain Theatre after failed negotiations for a new
 ease for the 'Theatre'

  • The Globe Theatre is opened on Bankside

    Shakespeare's troupe performs Richard III.
  • The King's Men acting troupe forms.

  • The Bubonic Plague kills over 33,000 people in London.


  • Rebuilt Globe Theare is Opened!

  • Shakespeare's DEATH!

    He is buried in the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford.
  • The Globe Theatre demolished by the Puritans.

  • The Puritians ban all Theatre performances and players to be punsihed.

    The Puritans ordered all playhouses and theatres to be pulled down, all players to be seized and
whipped, and anyone caught attending a play to be fined five shillings.

  • KIng Charles in Killed!

    The Civil War finally leads to the terrible execution of King Charles I by the Parliamentarians

  • The Restoration restores Theatre!

    1660 The Restoration, and the demise in the power of the Puritans, sees the opening of the theatres again. But the Globe Theatre is never re-built.