William shakespeare

William Shakespeare's Life

  • Apr 26, 1564

    The Baptisim of Shakespeare

    On this day, William Shakespeare was Baptised, historians do not know the exact date of William Shakespeare's birth, but many debate that Shakespeare was born onthe 23rd of April, 1564, three days before his baptisim, but none know for sure.
  • Period: Apr 26, 1564 to

    William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare's baptisim date, to his death date.
  • Jan 1, 1571

    First Education Begins

    First Education Begins
    Shakespeare began his formal education in the year. Like most boys of the age of seven, Shakespeare was sent to a local grammar school daily.
  • Jan 1, 1582

    Shakespeare is Married

    Shakespeare is Married
    At the age on only eighteen, Shakespeare married a young woman named Anne Hathaway, who was of the age twenty-six at the time.
  • Shakespeare's First Child

    On this day, Shakespeare's fist child, Susanna, was born just five months after the marrige between Shakespeare and Anne.
  • The discovery Newfoundland

    In 1583, the English discovered Newfoundland in North Amercia, on this journey, the English brought with them their culture to the new world. With the expansion of the British empire, they spread their language, and their tradition along with one of their best playwrites, William Shakespeare.
  • Twins

    Shakespeare's twins were born. Judith and Hamnet, although Hamnet lived only eleven years ad Judith, seventy-seven.
  • Shakespeare's Career Begins

    Between the years of 1589 and 1592, Shakespeare's career began in London after he ran away from his wife and children for higher ambitions as a playwrite, poet, and player in London.
  • Henry VI part one

    Henry VI part one
    Most historians beleive that Shakespeare wrote his first play, Henry VI part one, in this year. Henry VI part one is the first part to a three part series.
  • Black Death

    Black Death
    In this year, and the years surrounding, London theaters were closed because of the plague, killing over 70, 000 people in London alone.
  • Venus and Adonis

    Venus and Adonis
    In this year, Shakespeare published his first narritive poem, Venus and Adonis. This was the first poem out of his 154 poem collection.
  • Shakespeare, an Offcial Player

    Shakespeare, an Offcial Player
    Along with Richard Burbage, Shakespeare began to preforme for his first time with the Lord Chamberlain's Men.
  • Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet
    Shakespeare is beleived to have written one of his most famous plays in this year, Romeo and Juliet, a tragic romance.
  • Hamlet

    Shakespeare wrote maybe his best and most famous play in this year, Hamlet Prince of Denmark
  • The End and a New Begining

    In this year, Elizabeth I of England dies, now pressumed to have died of skin cancer, and the Lord Chamberlain's Men is changed to the King's Men, in honor of James I, new King of England.
  • Macbeth

    One of Shakespeare's more well known plays, Macbeth, was written. It is now called, That Scottish Play, because it is assumed that it is cursed, because of the misfortunes and the deaths of actors and settings in the play.
  • Death

    Shakespeare died on April 23 1616. The Globe theater had just been reopened, a few years before his death. Shakespeare was burried in poets corner, in Westminister Abby.
  • Period: to

    Shakespeare's effect on the world

  • The College of William and Mary

    The College of William and Mary
    In 1693, The College of William and Mary was opened as an institution for higher learning. In an institution such as this, the development of the English language, and factors effecting it's development, such as Shakespeare and the King James version of the Holy Bible, would have been studied. With the expansion of the Bitish Empire, the impact of Shakespeare on the language and development of modern society would have followed along with the Empire.
  • Reduced Shakespeare Company

    Reduced Shakespeare Company
    In 1981, the RSC (reduced shakespeare company) started to take Shakespeare's plays and reduce them into smaller plays, still being loyal to the major quotes and scenes in Shakespeare's plays. These eventually became comodies. They are still preforming today for young and old all over North America.
  • Re-creations

    Each year in the summer, the Stratford Shakespeare festival is held in Stratford, presents many plays, many of which are play that Shakespeare had written. This proves how much Shakespeare is still shown, used and cherished.
  • Shakespeare's Legacy

    In every way, Shakespeare changed the lives of the english speaking people all over the world. He changed the way humans speak, think and act, the way people view the world now and then. He has inspired many authors and playwrites. So many sayings and quotes that people use today, are Shakespeare's and the people who use them don't even know it. Shakespeare wrote about everything the human race was, and acted like. He was truly a genius.