History of Electronic Music

  • Edgard Varese Is born

    Edgard Varese Is born
    Is ocnsidered the "Father of Electronic Music"
  • Patent 580035

    Cahill first patented his telharmonium in 1897
  • The Wurlitzer

    The Wurlitzer
    The Wurlitzer is introduced in 1910.
  • Ondes Martenot is invented

    Ondes Martenot is invented
    Maurice Martenot invents the Ondes Martenot.
  • The Magnetic Tape

    The Magnetic Tape
    The magnetic tape is invented.
  • Les Paul

    Les Paul
    Les Paul invents the solid body guitar.
  • First Song strictly composed by computer

    Illiac Suite for String Quartet was the song.
  • Music is Synthesized on a Computer

    Max Mathews programs a compter to play a few notes.
  • Grandmaster Flash is born

    Grandmaster Flash is born
    Forever changing the role of a dj.
  • The San Francisco Tape Music Center

     The San Francisco Tape Music Center
    The San Francisco Tape Music Center is founded.
  • The Moog

    The Moog
    First commercially availble synthesizer is introduced.
  • The MiniMoog

    The minimoog is introduced being the most popular and widely used synthesizer of all time
  • MIDI is established

    Manufactures agree on an industry standard, changing electronic music.
  • First Laptop Orchestra

    First Laptop Orchestra
    PLOrk is formed.
  • Iphone is introduced

    Iphone is introduced
    With apps it allows anybody to be a muscian.