History of Electronic Music

  • Edgard Varèse was born

    Edgard Varèse was born
    The "father of electronic music" was born.
  • Thaddeus Cahill developed the Telharmonium

    Thaddeus Cahill developed the Telharmonium
    The Teleharmonium's sounds were transmittted to the recieving end through wires.
  • Clara Rockmore was born

    Clara Rockmore was born
    More about Clara's theremin career Clara was a world famous violinist before she had to give it up because of muscular problems. She found the theremin and can easily be consitored the best theremind player ever.
  • Creation of the Theremin

    Creation of the Theremin
    The Theremin was invented by Leon Theremin, It was the first instrument that you did not have to physically touch to play
  • The Ondes Martenot was invented

    The Ondes Martenot was invented
    This instrument was invented by Frenchman Maurice Martenot. The sound of the instrument was very simular to the theremin, however the Ondes allowed for a lot more control over the sound and timbre.
  • The Hammond Organ was invented

    The Hammond Organ was invented
    Laurens Hammond invented this instrument. It was meant to replace church organs, however it became popular in jazz and gospel music. The B3 model has been used by many bands including but not limited to led zeppelin, pink floyd and the doors.
  • Paul Hindemith recorded Trickaufnahme

    Turntables and a microphone were used in the recording of this song.
  • Period: to

    First electronic music piece written in the United States

    Louis and Bebe Barron created the musical piece, "Heavenly Menagerie" and this was the first electronic musical piece written for magnetic tape in the United States.
  • First Gibson Les Paul guitar sold

    Now one of the most popular guitar models, ever.
  • First electronic music studio established

    First electronic music studio established
    The first electronic music studio was established at Columbia-Princeton. It was called the, Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. Now it is know as, Computer Music Center. Up until the late 70's this establishment was one of the finest in the world.
  • First programable electronic synthesizer

    First programable electronic synthesizer
    Created by Herbert Belar and Harry Olson in. It was called the RCA Mark II Sound Synthesizer. It wasn't very practical because it weighed over 3 tons.
  • MiniMoog was invnted

    MiniMoog was invnted
    This synthesizer is the most widely used synthesizer of all time. It is smaller and silmpier than the original Moog and RCA Mark II.
  • Cool Herc introduced his new hip hop innovation

    This technique was called "Marry-Go-Rounding" and it switched from break to break to keep a party going. He introduced this in his sets in 1972.
  • Development of MIDI

    Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  • First Laptop Orchestra

    founded by Dan Trueman and Perry Cook at Princeton University.
  • SLOrk founded

    Stanford creating it's own lapop orchestra