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History Of Electronic Dance Music

  • The Birth Of EDM

    The Birth Of EDM
    The boom of funk and soul was born.
    EDM was described to get the 'groove' going.
    People believed that EDM originated from the term theremin, meaning, creating sound through music.
  • Wave Of EDM continues

    Wave Of EDM continues
    The wave of EDM continues to grow, making house music one f the biggest genres of the decade.
    Singers from Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor began incorporating EDM into their music.
    EDM Was also seen in the movie Saturday Night Fever.
  • Kraftwerk Becomes The First Fully EDM Artist / Band

    Kraftwerk Becomes The First Fully EDM Artist / Band
    Kraftwerk was a German electronic dance music group originating in Germany, the main leaders were named Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider. They were the main beginners of EDM.
  • I Feel The Love

    I Feel The Love
    Donna Summer releases "I Feel Love" is released and it influences the EDM community forever to this day.
  • EDM's Biggest Event

    EDM's Biggest Event
    Jean-Michele Jarre holds the biggest concert ever (during that time period) with 3.4 million attendees.
  • Time Of Diversity

    Time Of Diversity
    During the coming of the 80's. This time was known as the crossover of the 20th century. Not only were the 80's known for being diverse, it was also a time where different genres of EDM were flourished and experimented.
  • Important Sub Genres

    Important Sub Genres
    3 important sub genres become known; early techno, Miami bass, and frestyle music.
  • House Music

    House Music
    As the years move forward, Disco music is given another name, House Music, said to have originated in Chicago.
  • The Nightclub Scene

    The Nightclub Scene
    With EDM starting to become more popular amongst others, the club scene started to become popular as well, many people that attended would be risking their lives due to it being illegal to attend.
  • EDM At Its Peak

    EDM At Its Peak
    EDM hits its peak, it becomes part of the mainstream culture and many people are now aware. More dance hits are released.
  • In A State Of Trance

    In A State Of Trance
    Trance Music becomes popular within the community, Artists such as Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Cortsen, Armin Van Buuren, ATB are famous during the trance era
  • Big Music Festivals

    Big Music Festivals
    With EDM and the culture becoming more known, many large events are created such as EDC, ULTRA, Tomorrowland.