History Of Education

  • Common Schools Movement

    Common Schools Movement
    The Common Schools Movement was a movement started by Horace Mann that was an effort to fund schools with public dollars and marked the start of public schooling.
  • The Measurement Movement

    This was the event when we first started measuring the intelligence of the human brain.This movement was initially brought up by Alfred Benit and Theodore Simon. This movement is also response for creating the IQ Test.
  • Brown V. Board Decision

    Brown V. Board Decision
    This event is of the most important and maybe the most famous events in the history of education. This was the decision that allowed children, no matter what race, to go to school together which was also one of the first big steps in the right direction of ending segregation.
  • National Defense Education Act was Created

    In 1958, the NDEA was created to strengthen the American School System through funds. This also persuaded students to pursue an education past high school.
  • Tittle IX

    Tittle IX
    Tittle IX was created to put an end to discrimination against students and even employees to based on what gender they are. Before this was created, females were limited to what they could and couldn't do.
  • IDEA

    The Individuals with Disabilities Act was created to allow students, no matter what disability they have, to have free public education. This also allows the students to have special support from and derives to children in the program at those schools.
  • Standard Movement

    This movement is responsible for setting the standard on academics in schools. It was a some what start of grades in schools and how students were measured for there progress and how they developed as they go through schooling.
  • Google/Internet Invention

    Google/Internet Invention
    Probably the most important event in for modern education today. It completely changed how students learn because everything about anything can be searched just from a single device.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    No Child Left Behind Act
    This act was signed as a law by George W. Bush and its goal is to improve students success year by year by having standardized test that show how you've progressed. These test would hold schools accountable for how students progress based on their performance.
  • Invention of the MacBook

    Invention of the MacBook
    This marked a change from going to books in the library to the start of looking up things online and doing assignments online which would change the way we learn forever.