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  • “Ye Olde Deluder Satan” Law

    “Ye Olde Deluder Satan” Law
    This wasn’t the first attempt at setting up laws for children to go to school. As we saw a failed attempt in 1642. However, it is the first time we see public funding going towards education. It was also the first law that stuck. It was intended to teach “impresionable” children the Bible so they would not be tempted to fall into Satan’s clutches.
  • Formation of the USA Constitution.

    Formation of the USA Constitution.
    Even though the Constitution does not specifically outline how public education should be ran. It does say that a state or state organization cannot pramote one religion. The separation of church and state is something the United States is still dealing with today. Which makes it a very important event in the History of American Education.
  • Massachusetts creates first State Board of Education

    Massachusetts creates first State Board of Education
    Horace Mann was appointed the first Secretary of Education. His ideals about education were starting to get implemented in through the Board. Even though they did not have an enormuous amount of power, they did set the ground work for most state’s education systems.
  • Brown vs The Board of Education

    Brown vs The Board of Education
    The court ruled that schools were no longer allowed to descriminate based on color for enrollment purposes. De jure segregation was over. The USA still is faced with de facto segregateion today. That will not change unless another radical reform happens to restructure the way schools get money.
  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind
    A Law singed by President Bush that emphasized standards based education reform. States would set their own education standards and assess each and every student with the same test to receive public funding from the National Government.
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    Public Education In the USA