History of Education

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  • Devil be gone

    Devil be gone
    In this time period teachers could grab a misbehaving student and pull them out of the class. Then, once outside, the teacher would get a whip and whip the devil out of the child.
  • First public school

    First public school
    In this year the very first public school, Boston Latin Schools, opened. It is known as the oldest public school in America.
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  • One room, one teacher

    One room, one teacher
    During this time period one roomed schools are more common. That means that there was a school that only had one room, one teacher, and grades ranging from First to Eighth. Most of the subjects the teachers taught were all memorized too.
  • 1800s

    In the early 1800s schools finally began to realize that most students have a lot more potential than what they were teaching them. Since they figured that was the case they started to focus teaching academics instead of religion. In 1803 the teachers had to start teaching their students how to speak German and French, because of the Napoleonic wars.
  • Civil war effects

    Civil war effects
    In 1861 all male teachers, mainly from the high school, were being pulled out of their classes to be drafted into the Civil War. This really affected high schools because they just gegan to pop up in larger towns around the country. Most of them had to shut down since most of their teachers were male.
  • Elementary for all

    Elementary for all
    All children are now required to "graduate" from elementary school. Once they have finished elementary school then they have a choice on staying in school to furthermore their education, or they could help with the family in farming.
  • Brown V. Board of Education

    Brown V. Board of Education
    This played a huge role in eliminating segregation in all public schools. Now it didn't matter if a student had darker skin or lighter skin.Link text
  • Title IX

    Title IX
    This new law states: "No student should be excluded from a school activity based on the sex of that student." Link text
  • No child left behind

    No child left behind
    This provides money for extra educational assistance for the poor children to improve their academics. Link text
  • Common Core?

    Common Core?
    This was most recent, and even though some states are trying to get out of it now, it shows us that we still make mistakes but we learn from them still. Common Core was a new teaching program, that basically said what was a fact is a fact and what is an opinion is an opinion. (Nebraska was the only state not to accept this new program) Link text