History of Education

  • Norwood Committee

    Belief that there are three types of mind:-
    Academic, Technical and Practical
  • The Education Act

    Children to be tested for intelligence at the age of 11. Children whose intelligence scored high were to attend Grammer Schools, those that scored low, were to attend Secondary Modern Schools.
  • Period: to

    Learn it and Forget it

  • Central Advisory Council for Education

    Children should not be educated for particular jobs.
  • GCE and A Level Examinations Introduced

  • CSE and O Level Examinations Introduced

  • The Robbins Report

    Rejected deterministic theories of education.
  • Opening up of Public Examinations

  • The Plowden Report

    A more child centred approach to teaching, children viewed as individuals with differing methods of processing information.
  • The Education Act

    Admission to Secondary schools to become non-selective.
  • Framework for the School Curriculum

    Introduction of five core subjects
  • City Technology Collages set up

  • NVQ's Introduced

  • GCSE's Replaced GCE's

  • Central Government took Control of Curriculum

  • Publication of League Tables

  • The Dearing Report