History of Education

  • 3 years of School

    Thomas Jefferson proposed that students should have access to at least 3 years of public schooling in reading writing and math. This would lead to the start of public schools
  • Blue Back Speller

    Noah Webster introduced the first english textbook. The blue back speller set up how the american speaking english is now.
  • Common School

    The first state supported high school. These "common Schools set up schools across the land.
  • Horace Mann, Secretary of Education

    Horace Mann was appointed the secretary of education. Soon after he toured over 1000 schools and helped change the way the school houses were being built, and maintained. This helped make schools more repectable looking.
  • Kindergarden

    Margarethe Shurz opened the first public kindergarden in Watertown, Wisconson. This was the start of young education.
  • Gary Indiana

    With the growth in this industrial town there was a new type of school house. These schools had multiple rooms, pools, gyms. They set up the buildings we see today.
  • Progressivism

    The Progressive education movement began to spread. There was a strong encouragement for students needs and interests. This helped open up for arts, and more creative thinking.
  • Sputnick

    The soviet sputnik causes americans too adventure more in to math, science, and language. This is a great part of history becuase it shows how the fear of loss in power caused an education shift.
  • Core Curriculum

    Rigorous core curriculum introduced at all levels is the start of a change of level push. Kids begin doing harder level things at a younger age.
  • No Chld left Behind

    All schools will have highly qualified teachers, and by 2014 all children will know how to ready and write. This is just an example of how standardized testing has taken over the education world.