History of Education

  • Period: to

    The Common School

  • School Attendance

    Average lifetime school attendance was less than 82 days
  • Guaranteed Public Education

    Jefferson drafts a proposal that gives all children 3 years of school. Additional school would be given to some, not women or slaves
  • General Diffusion of Knowledge

    It was presented three times between 1779 and 1817
  • Blue Back Seller Published

    Created to teach Americans about America, created by Noah Webster. Where the webster dictionary originated from
  • Horrace Mann Elected

    Horrace Mann was elected to the Secretary of Education. Mann started the movement of building better schools and improving conditions for students to learn in.
  • Great School Debates

    Debate if funding should be provided for all religions because people did not want to mix
  • Public School Society Replaced by New York City of Education

    Growing number of Catholics enrolled in schools
  • Philadelphia Bible Riots

    Riots left 13 people dead, Catholic church was burned to the ground
  • Petition calling for an end to segregation

    Over 90 African-Americans signed a petition asking to unite schools. Their schools were more expensive and did far less for the students
  • Roberts case reached Supreme Court

    Case about girl getting rejected from schools based on , case was rejected
  • Segregation abollished in Massachusets

  • Civil War Ended

    4 million people were now allowed to go to school
  • USA Education Cost $63 million

  • USA Education Cost $141 million

  • John Dewey writes the School and Society

    He became known as the father of Progressive Education. Progressive education was designed to bring out all the skills of every student not just the ones that could read and write proficiently
  • Period: to

    As American As Public School

  • U.S. High School Graduation Rate at 6%

  • Average Schooling 5 years

  • Public Education Cost reaches $1 billion

  • Great Depression

    Law passes that bands child labor, all students required to go to school till age 16
  • U.S. High School Graduation Rate at 51%

  • Period: to

    A Struggle for Education Equity

  • Segregation

    Segregation by race and sex was still a major problem within the school system. African Americans segragated by law in 17 states. Average schooling for Mexican-Americans was 5.4 years. 72% of disabled children were not enrolled in schools
  • Brown v Board of Education

    Segregation ruled un-constitutional
  • Little Rock Nine

    Nine African-Americans were integrated into a high school, the national guard was called out to be on guard
  • Eisenhower signs Education Act

  • Civil Rights

    By early 1960's the civil rights movement begins to gain momentum
  • Civil Rights Act

    Allowed all races to be accepted into schools and education programs. Also stated that schools would lose federal funds if they didnt de-segregate
  • Elementary Education Act

    Gave over 4 billion dollars to school system
  • Women's Rights

    Medical/Law degrees awarded to women, 1%. Female athletes in school, 7.4%
  • 91% of Southern African-American children attended integrated schools

  • Title 9

    Law passed to enforce women's rights in education
  • US Supreme Court backs Bi-lingual Students

  • Period: to

    The Bottom Line

  • A Nation at Risk

    A report that shattered public confidence in the school system.
  • 35 States higher graduation requirements

  • Annual Cost of Standardized testing, $500 million

  • Open Enrollment

    Students could choose to enroll at any school in New York
  • George Bush calls for voucher legislation

    Allows for low-income families to attend private schools on the tax payers dollars
  • Voucher Expansion pushed in legislation

  • Low Income students use vouchers to attend a religious school

  • NCLB