History of Computers

Timeline created by Chrysonyx
  • ENIAC Invented

    ENIAC Invented
    SourceElectronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, or ENIAC was one of the first computers. It was dubbed by their creators at the United States Army Ballistic Research Center Laboratory as the Big Brain.
  • Earliest Video Game Ever

    Earliest Video Game Ever
    SOURCEThe first programmed interactive game was called the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device. It was very primative in terms of today's standards but sparked the creation of the video game industry.
  • First General-Purpose Digital Computer

    First General-Purpose Digital Computer
    SourceMIT made a general purpose computer named WHIRLWIND. Its function was to operate in real time for output. The US Navy used it in the Cold War.
  • First Industrial Robot - Unimate

    First Industrial Robot - Unimate
    SOURCECreated by George Devel in the late 1950s, it was designed to do repetitive processes. Was later used by General Motors to make their cars.
  • First Internet- Arpanet

    First Internet- Arpanet
    SOURCEThe ARPANET was the first network that connected computers and was developed by the US military. The protocol TCP/IP was first developed to communictae and is still used today.
  • Microprocessor

    First microprocessor created by Intel. It was only a 4-bit processor compared to todays, 64-bit.
  • First Industrial Robot w/ Driven Axes

    First Industrial Robot w/ Driven Axes
    SOURCEGerman group, KUKA, created an industrial arm with 6 Driven axes making it much more effective than the preious types of robotic arms. The robot was called FAMULUS.
  • First Microprocessor Robot

    First Microprocessor Robot
    SOURCESwedish robot designed and used with a microprocessor making it much more effecient than previous versions. It was called IRB 6 by its company, ABB Robot Group.
  • The World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web
    The internet as we know it today is born. It was programmed into existance using HTML.
  • The Beginning of Cell Phones

    The Beginning of Cell Phones
    SOURCEFirst make of cell phones that are charged and can be used to text for the first time ever. Some variations inlcluded mobile connection to the Internet.
  • GPU:The Reason Why Modern Games Exist

    GPU:The Reason Why Modern Games Exist
    SOURCEThe GPU was first invented in 1999 by Nvidia. It works like a CPU but specializes in video games. This allowed the first transitions to more powerful PCs and led to the modern gaming experience we have now.

    SOURCEJapanese company Honda creates ASIMO to due basic commands such as stand up, sit down, or speak. The robot gained huge popularity for its autonomy.
  • BigDog

    SourceDARPA creates a mobile robot which helps US troops with ammuniion and weapons. The robot runs on Intel Pentium 4 Processor.
  • FIrst Lightweight Robotic Arms

    FIrst Lightweight Robotic Arms
    SOURCEUniversal Robots creates the first truly light weight robots designed to be flexible yet strong. Latest current iteration of modern robotics.
  • IT Nasa

    IT Nasa
    SOURCEIT Nasa was the computer used in the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. The computer at the time was no more powerful than the basic calculator.