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History of Computers

  • Z1

    It was important because they discovered how to use the binary system.
  • Harvard Mark 1

    Harvard Mark 1
    This is an automatic digital sequence-controlled computer. It is important to history because it is automatic.
  • ENIAC Up and Running

    ENIAC Up and Running
    This is a program that helps with electronic computers.

    Its important because it is the first hard disk storage. It is a memory storage device based on rotating disks.
  • Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk
    IBM develops the first floppy disk. It is important because it changed how we can store things.
  • First PC

    First PC
    The first PC is introduced. Its the beginning of Mac vs PC.
  • Word

    Microsoft introduces Word for Windows. We use this program to do simple things, that is why its important to computer history.
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95
    Microsoft releases Windows 95. This is important because its a program almost all computers use but improved.
  • Macintosh OS 8

    Macintosh OS 8
    Apple releases the Macintosh OS 8 system. It is important because its a program for many computers, it improved many of the previous apple systems.
  • iMac

    Apple releases the iMac. Its important because it is a desktop computer the beginning of many more.