history of cars

  • The first car

    The first car
    Henery ford and the model tThe first car was made by henry Ford in 1908. This car was called the ford model "T". Production of these cars ran from 1908 to 1927.Sience 1908, 15,000,000 cars were made with the modle t engine.
  • second (gen) ford car the model a

    second (gen) ford car the model a
    ford model a(1927-1931)there were around 4,849,340 model a's made between 1927 and 1931. Production ran from 1927-1931. There were a viriety of different models with the ford model a engine. some other styels of this was the "coup" there were spot coup, buieness coup, deluxe coup, etc.
  • 1935 master deluxe.(chevorlet)

     1935 master deluxe.(chevorlet)
    the chevy master deluxe came around 1935.Chevorlet grew alot after these cars were made. With more iron and metal avalible for factories to use cars were rapidly being built. These cars were great passenge cars and also good for traveling.All car companies started to expand majorly during this time. Also world war 1 was just around the cornner so cars were being built for war as well.
  • world war II cars

    world war II cars
    during world war II, the ford super deluxe car was used in war as well as in town. this car was the classic looking old cop car back in the day.
  • 1969 charger

    1969 charger
    dodge charger was the car used in dukes of hazard. also, the dodge charger was the meanst car on the block in 1969
  • 70 ss camaro

    70 ss camaro
    mussel car of the year. made by chevy and still around today. they are very eaisy to super charge.
  • 09 honda civic si

    09 honda civic si
    common car now.