history of boston

  • samuel maverick

    building a trading post at noodle island
  • john winthrop

    creates a city upon a hill
  • salem witchcraft

    people were being accused of witchcraft
  • anne hutchison

    was banished from boston
  • king phillips war

    was an armed conflict between native american
  • mary dyer

    was hanged in boston ma
  • goodwife glover

    was excuted in boston for witchcraft
  • the stamp act

    the stamp act
    was a direct tax imposed by the british parliament
  • thomas hutchinson

    thomas hutchinson
    a mob ransacks lieutenant governor
  • red coats

    red coats
    arrival of two regiments of red coats on long whraf
  • christopher seider

    christopher seider
    was a boy killed in a political fight in boston
  • the boston massacre

    the boston massacre
    british red coats killed five civilian men
  • the boston tea party

    the boston tea party
    all the tea was thrown in water of havard
  • paul revere ride

    paul revere ride
    was an amrican silversmith and a patriot
  • the battle of lexington

    the battle of lexington
    were the first military engagements of the american R. war
  • the evacuation of the british

    the evacuation of the british
    was a major victory for the patriots and for washingtons first victory
  • william blackston

    builds his house on a peninsula people call place of clear
  • the battle of bunker hill

    the battle of bunker hill
    took place most on and around breeds hill