History of Babs Greene

  • Welcome to the World!

    Welcome to the World!
    Martin Army Hospital, Ft. Benning, Georgia to William and Doris Lashley.
  • Graduated from High School

    Graduated from High School
    I graduated from Kendrick HS in Columbus, GA.
    Title IX was not passed in time to provide competitive sports opportunities for girls at my high school. Daily physical education was required for all students. Physical education classes were segregated by gender, with female teachers for the girls and male teachers for the boys. The girl's curriculum included most team sports, track and field, archery, gymnastics, and "exercise routines to music" (pre-aerobics era). Boys played dodgeball.
  • BS Education Degree

    I graduated from West Georgia College in Carrollton, GA with a major in Health and Physical Education. While at West Georgia I was a member of the cross country and track teams. Long distance running was gaining popularity during the 1970's, but there were only three women distance runners at West Georgia.
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  • Began Teaching Physical Education

    Began Teaching Physical Education
    I was the first female physical education teacher at Harris County HS in Hamilton, GA. Though daily physical education was required for all students the budget did not reflect an appreciation for the program. My equipment included one soccer ball, a volleyball net, outdoor archery equipment, and stained mattresses (for gymnastics).
  • Warrior Dash "Queen"

    Warrior Dash "Queen"