History of Aviation

By ras6952
  • First Flight

    First Flight
    The Wright Brothers made the first engine powered flight in Kitty Hawk, NC. It lasted for only 59 seconds.
  • First Commerical Airplanes

    First Commerical Airplanes
    Inglis Uppercu began to offer the first commercial passenger flights from Florida to Cuba and later to New York City. This service lasted until 1924.
  • Airmail

    The Kelly Act passes and airmail contracts are given to private airline companies.
  • Ford Passenger Plane

    Ford Passenger Plane
    The Ford Trimotor 5-AT was produced and used by most airlines. It could hold 14-16 passengers
  • Stewardesses

    Boeing introduces stewardesses. One stewardess is on each plane and must be a registered nurse. They were used to make passengers feel safer and more comfortable.
  • DC-3, More Comfortable Flight

    DC-3, More Comfortable Flight
    The DC-3 was introduced in 1936 and was the most used airplane by 1939. It was more comfortable for passengers and held about 15 passengers.
  • First Trans-Atlantic Flight

    First Trans-Atlantic Flight
    Pan-Am used the yankee clipper to make trans-atlantic voyages possible. It was an air boat.
  • Boeing 707 Introduced

    Boeing 707 Introduced
    The Boeing 707 was introduced by Pan-Am and held more passengers than ever before. It was also good for trans-atlantic service.
  • First JumboJet

    First JumboJet
    The Boeing 747 was introduced and it was the first jumbojet and made trans-atlantic travel easier.
  • Modern Airbus Introduced

    Modern Airbus Introduced