History of Automobiles

  • The First Self-Propelled Car

    The First Self-Propelled Car
    Nicolas Cugnot, a French military engineer, developed a steam powered road-vehicle for the French army to haul heavy cannons.
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    History of Automobiles

  • First Patent for Cars

    First Patent for Cars
    Oliver Evans is given the first automobile patent in the US. In 1805 Evans created the first automobile in the USA and also the steam powered vehicle and was able to travel on wheels on land.
  • First Coal Engine

    First Coal Engine
    Belgian born engineer, Jean Jospeh Etienne Lenoir invented and patented 1860 2 stroke, internal combustion engine. It was fuelled by coal gas and triggered by an electric spark-ignition.
  • Updated Internal Combustion Engine

    Updated Internal Combustion Engine
    Combustion Engine Julius Hock builds the first internal combustion engine that runs on liquid gasoline.
  • The First Motor Company

    The First Motor Company
    2 former French wood machinists, Rene Panhard and Emile Levassor, set up the world’s first car manufacturers. Their first car was built in 1890 using a Daimler engine.
  • Firtst 4 Cylinder, 4-Stroke Engine

    Firtst 4 Cylinder, 4-Stroke Engine
    Wilhelm Maybach built the first four-cylinder, four-stroke engine.
  • Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company
    The Ford Moter Company is formed, After fitting moving assembly lines to the factory in 1913, Ford became the world’s biggest car manufacturer.
  • The Starter Motor

    The Starter Motor
    Charles Kettering invented the electric ignition and starter motor. Cars could now start themselves.
  • Single Foot Pedal

    Single Foot Pedal
    First single foot pedal operates 4-wheel brakes, the Hispano- Suiza H6B, a French luxury car, demonstrates the first single foot pedal to operate coupled four-wheel brakes. Previously drivers had to apply a hand brake and a foot brake simultaneously.
  • Power Steering

    Power Steering
    Power steering system introduced, Invented in the 1920’s by Francis W. Davis and George Jessup in Waltham. Massachusetts.
  • First Air Conditioned Cars

    First Air Conditioned Cars
    First air conditioned cars, The Nash Motor Company adds the first air conditioning system.
  • First Airbag

    First Airbag
    Airbag is invented, Invented by John W. Hetrick of Newport, PA, in 1951 and he patented the device the following year.
  • FIrst Mass Production Hybrid Car

    FIrst Mass Production Hybrid Car
    The Toyota Prius, made for individual travel for the future, is the first mass produced car.
  • First Hydrogen Ready- Hydrogen Car

    First Hydrogen Ready- Hydrogen Car
    Honda reveals the first production ready hydrogen car, FXC Clarity.