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History of Apple inc.

  • Friends

    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have been friends since their childhood, and highschool. Also, they loved electronics
  • Apple Computer was born

    Apple Computer was born
    Steve Wozniak was working on designing a computer, but Steve Jobs insisted Wozniak to sell the computer and start a company.
  • Apple 1

    Apple 1
    Apple 1 was the first computer that Apple made.
  • Apple II (apple 2)

    Apple II (apple 2)
    The second generation of the Apple 1, was introduced as Apple 2.
  • 1984 vs. The Macintosh

    1984 vs. The Macintosh
    1984 was a year that was feared because of "Big Brother". But Apple turned the tables and Introduced the personal computer Macintosh.
  • So long Steve, for now.

    So long Steve, for now.
    The board of Apple, and along with the CEO (John Sculley). Fired Steve jobs from Apple, because they thought that Steve was leading Apple in the wrong direction.
  • Steve Jobs back in Apple

    Steve Jobs back in Apple
    Years have passed since Jobs was fired. But Apple hired him back because of financial problems, and they had a feeling that only Steve Jobs can bring Apple to the top again.
  • iMac

    Apple introduced the iMac, a more advanced macintosh. Steve Jobs believed that the iMac should be an easy machine that can be easily operated by anyone. This product would bring Apple's prophits, prophitable.
  • The iPod

    The iPod
    Steve revolutionized electronics and gadgets, by introducing the ipod. Later on he introduced iTunes for the iPod.
  • The Macbook

    The Macbook was a laptop which was the repalcement of the series of iBook (laptop).
  • The iPhone

    The iPhone
    The iPhone is one of the many extroardinay Apple products. To this day alot of people have the iPhone as their cellular phone.
  • The iPad

    The iPad
    The ipad is a tablet, but not first that Apple made; like "The Newton" in 1993. The iPad is like iPhone in many ways. It is like a laptop but without a keyboard. It lets you search the web and many more things.