History of Apple

Timeline created by Luke Yost
  • Apple is Found

    Apple is Found
    College dropouts Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak start the company in Jobs's garage
  • Apple 1 comes out

    The first computer by Apple. It only had had a keyboard mounted on a homemade wooden frame. The computher sold for $666.66
  • Apple 2 comes out

    Apple 2 comes out
    The Apple 2 was the first Apple computer with a monitor. The first computer with color graphics
  • Apple Goes Public

    Sales jumped from $7.8 million in 1978 to $117 million in 1980
  • Steve Wozniak Leaves Apple

    He left to recover from a plane crash
  • Mark Markkula becomes the president of Apple

  • Lisa is intruduced

    Apples first home computer
  • John Sculley becomes president and CEO of Apple

    Jobs convienced him to leave Pepsi to go to Apple
  • Macintosh is released

    Macintosh is released
  • Jobs tries to get Sculley out

  • Jobs is fired

  • Apple files lawsuit agianst Steve Jobs

  • Apple and Microsoft team up

  • Steve Jobs and Apple settle the lawsiut

  • Steve Jobs creates NeXT

  • Apple dicontinues Lisa

  • Apple Declares 1 millionth Mac

  • Apple trashes 2,700 remaning Lisa Models

  • Apple settles lawsuit

  • Sculley leaves Apple

  • Period: to

    Apples first profitable year

  • Apple releases the 66 MHz Power PC upgade card

    the first commercial upgrade card
  • Apple releases fifst PowerMac

  • iMac is reborn

  • iTunes starts

    iTunes comes out with the 3rd grneration iPod
  • iPod 1 comes start

    iPod 1 comes start
  • Macbook is released

  • iPhone Comes out

    iPhone Comes out
  • iPod touch 1st generation comes out

    Apples first touch screen
  • App Store is launched

  • Tim Cook Takes Over Apple

    Tim Cook Takes Over Apple
    Steve Jobs resigns because of poor health. Tim Cook was the planned succer for many years
  • Steve Jobs dies

    Steve Jobs dies
  • iPhone 4s comes out and so does Siri

  • Aston Kutcher stars in 'Jobs'

    Aston Kutcher stars in 'Jobs'
    Biography based on Steve Jobs's life
  • iPhone 6 comes out

  • Stock Market decrease due to iPhone 6

    IOS 8.1 fails