History of Apple Computer Products

By 15wuw
  • Apple I

    A 1MHz computer with a MOS 6502 processer. 4MB RAM.
  • Apple II

    A 1MHz computer with a MOS 6502 processer. 4MB RAM, plus an audio cassette.
  • Apple II Plus

    Running on Apple DOS with a choice of either 16KB, 32KB, 48KB or 64KB RAM.
  • Apple III

    Running on Apple SOS with 128KB of RAM (expandable to 512KB. Plus a upgrade to 2MHz
  • Apple Lisa

    Running Motorola 86000 with 5MHz and a 2MB RAM.
  • Apple IIe

    Running on Apple DOS 3.3 OS with CPU of 1.023MHz. Memory can go up to 1MB.
  • Appel IIc

    Running on ProDOS OS with memory up to 1.125MB.
  • Macintosh

    It has 64KB of RAM using the Motorola 6809E microprocessor.
  • Macintosh XL

    Running on MacWorks XL OS with a maximum of 2MB RAM.
  • Apple IIGS

    Apple IIGS
    Better Processor
  • Macintosh II

    A new generation of a macintosh. Called the iMac now
  • Apple IIc Plus

    The final model of the APPLE II line of computers
  • Macintosh LC

    The computer after Steve Jobs was fired
  • Powerbook

    The first portable apple computer
  • Apple Power Macintosh

    Steve Jobs returns
  • First iMac

    Best all in one desktop at that time
  • Power Macintosh G4

    Similar to todays Mac Pro
  • Power Mac G5

    Similar design to todats Mac Pro
  • Mac Pro

    Changed processor from PowerPC to Intel x86
  • Macbook

    An advanced portable computer
  • iPad

    First tablet PC by Apple
  • iPad 2

    2nd generation iPad by Apple