History of apple

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    Apple history

  • Apple 1

    This is the first computer made by apple. This does not have a screen for viewing. This was only used by the rich.
  • Apple 2

    This was a big jump from the no screen big size computer to a reasonable size computer with a screen.
  • Apple Lisa

    This was not popular because the price tag. The price was $9995 USD. This has a more powerful CPU than older generation apple computers.
  • Apple 3

    This is the competitor of the IBM pc. This is in one piece and is not as bulgy as the Apple 2. THis also has a higher resolution screen.
  • Macintosh 128K

    THis was the first computer to run Macintosh office. This computer had different fonts so that it would look more colorful and more unique.
  • Macintosh SE

    This was the first computer made after Steve Jobs got fired. This has a faster Cpu at 7.8MHz and a 20mb hard disk.
  • iMac

    This is the revolution for apple as the old C.E.O is fired and Steve Jobs comes back. This is the old version of the iMac you still use today.
  • iPod 1st Generation

    This is the first and the most popular Mp3 player in the market. This made apple bounce back to make its brand more popular and more succesful.
  • iPhone

    This is one of the most powerful smartphones in the market. It is by far the best selling smartphone in the market.
  • iPad

    This is the most powerful tablet and the best selling tablet in the world. This made tablets more popular.This also made more people buy tablets instead of computers.