History of Apple

By Simmy
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    History of Apple

  • i-Pod Nano

    i-Pod Nano
    This is the i-pod nano. It is the 5th genration and it was also good because of the hd video quality.
  • i-Pod Touch

    i-Pod Touch
    This iPod Touch has a mirror back and also has features like an i-Phone.
  • Macbook Pro

    Macbook Pro
    This Laptop is thin light and powerful and has good retina display.
  • i-Pad 2

    i-Pad 2
    This iPad is the better version of the iPad. It has a A5 chip and has HD video recording.
  • i-Phone 4

    i-Phone 4
    This iPhone is supposed to be fast and has a longer battery life.
  • Mac Mini

    Mac Mini
    Its thin and its square so it can fit in corners of desks. It is 2 times faster than any processor and its really fast and convinient.
  • i-Mac

    This is the new computer made by Apple Inc. It has a FaceTime HD camera and it has is fast.
  • i-Phone 4S

    i-Phone 4S
    This iPhone is supposed to be lighter. It is touch screen. It has the same almost the same apps. This iPhone has IOS5
  • Macbook Air

    Macbook Air
    This laptop is very light and portable. It has a long battery life but very delicate.
  • i-Phone 5

    i-Phone 5
    This iPhone was made because it is more convenient with its outstanding battery life so that the battery doesn’t die out so easily it also has a A6 chip. It makes the iPhone faster and has a better graphic performance