History of a music video

History of a music video

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  • First example of 'Illustrated Song'

    First example of 'Illustrated Song'
    Illustrated Song - Still images were projected onto a screen during the live performance of "Little Lost Child."
  • Talkies

    Talkies - 'Talkies', also known as 'sound film' is a motion picture with sound, or sound technologically coupled to an image, as opposed to a silent film.
  • Bessie Smith - St Louis Blues

    Bessie Smith - St Louis Blues
    Bessie Smith is considered to be the first person to have made a music video. She produced a dramatisation of her performing the track 'St Louis Blues' with no auto-tuneing, like there is today.
  • Musical Films

    Musical Films
    The 1930s were considered to be the 'golden ag'e of the musical film because of the popularity in the Western World
  • Soundies 1940-1946

    Soundies 1940-1946
    Soundies were three-minute musical films, produced in New York City, Chicago, and Hollywood and were generally released within a few months of their filming; the last group was released in March 1947. The films were displayed on coin-operated film jukebox or machine music, in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, factory lounges, and amusement centers.
  • Walt Disney - Fantasia

    Walt Disney - Fantasia
    'Fantasia' is considered to be the first 'animated music video'. Disney used a narrative to provide a story for the Ochestral Symphony. The release was also to help with the decline in 'Mickey Mouse's' publisity and was used to Walts advantage as he is now one of the most popular characters in Disney.
  • Rise of Television Audiences

    More people were investing in televisions which allows them to enter into a new world of music, introducing them to different artists.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    The Beatles' "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" are considered to be the first 'real' music videos made, although they were made for promotional purposes.
  • Arrival of The Bealtes

    'Hard Day's Night' set the stage for the music videos having been a motion picture.
  • Launch of Music Television

    Launch of Music Television
    MTV - On August 1, 1981, at 12:01 a.m., MTV launched with the words "Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll," said by John Lack, and played over footage of the first Space Shuttle launch countdown of Columbia, which took place earlier that year, and of the launch of Apollo 11. This was imediatley followed by the theme tune of MTV with picture of the moon landing and the flag had 'MTV' on it.