history culminating activity

  • The start of the second boer war

    The start of the second boer war
    The second boer war started on 11/10/1899 and ended on 31/5/1902 between the british and the dutch settlers. It ended weith the british victory. Canada entered the war when britan did.
    British sovereignty over The Orange Free State and the Transvaal in accordance with the treaty of vereeniging
  • Period: to

    The 1900's

  • The start of world war one

    The start of world war one
    The start of ww1 was directly triggered by the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. They were assassinated by a german fello named Gavrilo Princip.
  • Battle of Tannenberg

    Battle of Tannenberg
    The Battle of Tannenberg was a battle a battle between the russian empire and the german empire in the first days of WW1. the battle lasted from august 26 to august 30 ending with a decisive german victory.
  • Battle of Vimmy Ridge

    Battle of Vimmy Ridge
    The battle of Vimmy Ridge was a battle between canada and the U.K. against germany. The battle took place in Vimmy,Pas-de-calais,france.It resulted in a allied victory.The commander for the allied side was Sir Julian Byng. The commander for the germans was Ludwig Von Falkenhausen.
  • The end of world war one/ The treaty of versailles

    The end of world war one/ The treaty of versailles
    World war one ended with the treaty of versailles, The treaty of versailles consisted of harsh terms towards the germans making them pay for all they damaged,give all the land that they took back and the L.O.N taking away some land that germany already owned. The treaty of versailles had a long term affect on the world and it was called WORLD WAR TWO!!!
  • The model T stoped being made

    The model T stoped being made
    The ford model T was replaced in production by the ford model A. The model T was called the first automobile that was affordable. The model T was only $260 by the 1920's beacuse of increasing efficiencies of assembly line technique and volume. In 1914 the assembly line worker could afford a model T with only 4 months pay.
  • the start of the great depression

    the start of the great depression
    The great depression started when the stock market crashed. The stock market crashed because no one was buying new product's. No one was buying new product's because the old ones were built so well and made to last a life time that they never broke and when the compainies made more and more thing they never sold so the compainies couldent pay there workers. At that point no one had money to spend ans thus the stock market crashed.
  • The persons case

    The persons case
    The persons case was a case that was braught to the attion of the supreme court of canada by the famous 5. The famous 5 were a group of women that wanted women to be calles persons.The pesons case ha sarted long before 1929 in alberta. Women in alberta were consiered persons long before women in the rest of canada.
  • the end of the great depression

    the end of the great depression
    The great depression ended just befor world war one started. The main reason the great depression ended with the start of world war one is the factories needed more workers to make war time product's like tanks,guns,amo,and camo armor for the soldgers. in doing this the stock market sky rockted.
  • the start of world war 2

    the start of world war 2
    World war two lasted 6 years and started when germany invaded poland and then the british finally did something to stop the germans from taking over europe. The british declared war on germany as they invaded poland. The war consisted of the allies (good guys) and the axis (bad guys) fighting all over the world.
  • Opration Barbarossa

    Opration Barbarossa
    Opeation Barbaossa was the name for germanys invasion into the sovit union. It lasted for 5 months 1 wek and 6 days until germany failed to take over the soviet union when the soviet winter hit. Operation Barbaossa was named after Frederick Barbarossa the medieval Holy Roman Emperor. Germany used over 4 million solders and 600,000 motor vehicles and 750,000 horses in there invasion.
  • D-Day

    D-Day was a name for the invasion of normandy. The invasion of nomandy was the allies trying to take fack the coast of france from the germans. The beach was seperated in to 5 little zones 2 for the U.S,2 for brittan, and 1 for canada. The names of the little zones were Gold beach,Sword beach,Omaha beach,Juno beach, and Utah beach.
  • the end of world war 2

    the end of world war 2
    World war two ended shortly after the U.S. droped two nuclear bombs on japan (hiroshima and nagaski AKA fat man and little boy). the war ended on september 2 1945 when japan surendered and lost the war.
  • cuban missile crisis

    cuban missile crisis
    -14 oct 1962: american spy plane see's that the russians are building missile munkers on cuba.
    -16 oct 1962: Kennedy set up a committee of the national securty council to advise him.
    -22 oct 1962: Kennedy anounced thast he was mounting a navil blockade of cuba.
    -25 oct 1962: the first russian ship reached the navil blockade it was allowed to deliver its oil,all the outhers were not allowed to deliver their missile's to cuba.
  • cuban missile crisis pt 2

    cuban missile crisis pt 2
    -27 oct 1962: Khrushchev sent two letters to Kennedy one stating that the russians would remove the missle's from cuba if the U.S were to remove the blockade and not invade cuba.The other letter stated that Kennedy also remove the missle's from turkey.
    -28 oct 1962: the crisis was over
  • cuban missile crisis pt 3

    cuban missile crisis pt 3
    -20 nov 1962:Russian bombers left Cuba and Kennedy lifted the naval blockade.
  • Pierre Laporte is kidnapped by FLQ

    Pierre Laporte is kidnapped by FLQ
    Pierre was a canadian lawyer,a journlist,and a politician who was Deputy premier and minister of labour for Quebec before being kidnaped and assassinated by the FLQ. A week later his bodty was found in the trunk of the car that belonged to a man named Paul rose.
  • StarWars Episode IV was released

    StarWars Episode IV was released
    Set in a long time ago in a galxy far far away Star wars was top grosing film of the year with a budget of $11,000,000 and making over $775,000,000. It is the third grossing film up to 2012.
  • The fall of the Berlin wall

    The fall of the Berlin wall
    The berlin wall was a wall that cut part of germany off from the rest of the country. It was produceed by the russians to keep the american troops from helping them with food shortages but it all failed when the americans air lifted supplies in to berlin. the wall was removed by the russians 28 years later when west germany refused to become communist and they had made half of germany a decromatic country as the east part of germant became communist.
  • nuclear reactor shuts down

    nuclear reactor shuts down
    Ontairo hydro announces it will shut down 7 of its 15 oldest nuclear reactors 3 at the Bruce facility on lake Huron and 4 at Pickering on lake Ontario. One of the one they shut down was one of the largest nuclear power generators on the world the station has a total output of 3,100 megawatts of power.