history and evolution of special education services

  • CEC Founded

    On August 10, 1922, The Education for Exceptional Children was founded and organized by a group of administrators and supervisors. The council began with twelve members.
  • First Meeting

    The first annual meeting was held in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • CEC

    The CEC affiliates with National Education Association
  • NEA Merger

  • Journal of Exceptional Children

  • Costitution amended

    Constitution amended to provide for establishment of federations
  • Revision of the Constitution 1953-58

    The CEC renamed The Council for Exceptional Children. Later, the CEC Canadian Committee was established in 1968. Canadian Council for Exceptional Children in 1979.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    J.E. Wallace Wallin Special Education Lifetime Achievement Award established; first awarded to Harley Z. Wooden (1964).
  • 68-69 Teaching Exceptional Children

    TEACHING Exceptional Children initiated
  • CEC

    CEC withdrew from NEA.
  • Education For ALL Handicapped Children in 1972-75

    CEC celebrates 50th Anniversary at the 1972 Convention in Washington, DC.
    1975 The Education For All Handicapped Children Act (Public Law 94-142) is passed. CEC was the principal force in bringing to the U.S. Congress the need for such a law and building the support for its passage.