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  • Child-Centered Education (1800's)

    Child-Centered Education (1800's)
    Developing a child-centered education approach was a step in history. In classrooms today we still see the approach being improved and altered to be better for the students. Without this approach we would still be focused on the subject-centered education approach, which puts a learning block on some students learning. Where the subject-centered approach revolves around academic curriculum, the student-centered approach revolves around the student's needs.
  • Ruby Bridges

    Ruby Bridges
    Without Ruby Bridge's courageousness integrating schools never would be to the point it's at now. Everything would have been delayed. Even with the laws saying schools can be integrated, it takes that one brave soul to start the movement, in this case it was Ruby Bridges.
  • Children With Disabilities

    Children With Disabilities
    This is another important step in education's journey through history. Without each and every individual included in education programs, there would be many people in the states that would be missing out on the knowledge they could potentially learning. Allowing those with disabilities in the classroom also probably helped the research behind the brain development of those with disabilities.
  • Online Learning

    Online Learning
    This is yet another step in education that is making sure to include everyone. Students with unusual or extreme circumstances who could not attend school, now have the opportunity to learn online. Learning online is also just convenient for both teachers and students.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    No Child Left Behind Act
    Although No Child Left Behind ended up being a negative influence in the education world, it is still an important step in what made education what it is today. Without the No Child Left Behind, we wouldn't know the negative impact that testing has on students. Eventually, if NCLB never would have happened, something different could have happened down the road that would lead to the testing students face today. Although NCLB left a deep hole in education, there is no hole hat can't be filled.