Historical Events of American Public Education

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  • Child-Centered Education Approach

    Child-Centered Education Approach
    This new academic discipline, revolving around psychology, led teachers to reassess the way in which they taught and students learned. Students, not subjects, became the focus of teaching and the purpose of educators was to guide students into releasing their unique geniuses and gifts. Learning was viewed as involving experiences, not just traditional route of learning through books. This historical event broadened the minds of educators and lead to a significant change in American education.
  • Brown V. Board Of Education

    Brown V. Board Of Education
    A Supreme Court ruling that stated "separate but equal" was in fact not equal and was unconstitutional. Following the ruling, African American students were allowed to enroll in public schools that previously only educated white children. The decision was based on the fact that minority children were being deprived of adequate and equivalent educational opportunities, hindering their futures and successes. This ruling was a major step forward for equality in American education.
  • Free and Appropriate Education

    Free and Appropriate Education
    Through multiple court rulings in the 1970's, children with disabilities were recognized and given the same rights and opportunities as those students without disabilities. In addition, schools were unable to deny these students a free and adequate education. This event was significant to American education because parents, advocates, and students were heard, and the education system was held accountable for all students regardless of their disabilities or differences.
  • A Nation at Risk

    A Nation at Risk
    The National Commission on Excellence in Education report criticized public education by claiming the US was behind other countries fundamentally. This report shifted the mindset of many Americans and educators by suggesting the focus of teaching return to subject matter rather than students by requiring students to pass standardized tests in order to move to the next grade. American education was strongly influenced by this report, and the repercussions of it are still visible today.
  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind
    States, districts, and schools are now held accountable for fixing unequal achievement and success rates of different student populations. Schools were required to provide adequate tutoring, guarantee that only highly qualified teachers teaching, and government money was allocated to provide the resources that schools and students needed to succeed regardless of economic status. American educators were being held responsible for their students and educating practices like never before.