Hipólito Yrigoyen

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  • He borns

  • at age nine, he entered the San José School in Buenos Aires run by Bayonese parents

  • he began to work in the legal study

  • When he finished high school, along with his uncle, Leandro N. Alem began their political life as members of the Autonomist Party, led by Adolfo Alsina, a popular grassroots party facing the Bartolomé Miter National Party.

  • He entered the public administration as a clerk of the General Accounting Office in the Office of Balances and Information, but did not remain in that work for long.

  • he finished his studies of advocacy

  • he, Alem and Aristóbulo del Valle formed the Republican Party

  • he was elected provincial deputy

  • He began working as a professor of Argentine history, civic instruction and philosophy, at the Normal School of Teachers

  • He was elected president of Argentina

  • He was elected again

  • He was overthrown

  • He dies at 80 years old

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    Hipólito Yrigoyen

    Hipólito Yrigoyen, whose full name was Juan Hipólito of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Yrigoyen, was an Argentine politician, a relevant figure of the Radical Civic Union, twice elected as president of the Argentine Nation.