High Fashion Model Criteria through the decades

  • Models Jewerly

    Models Jewerly
    Many models had worn speacific jewelry when it came to modeling, and this same jewerly was later brought back in the 2000s
  • Period: to

    Models over the years

  • Fashion styles

    Fashion styles
    In the year 1990 all fashion models had the ability to pull off almost anything and styles were very differnt,
  • Size

    Models weighed 8 percent less then the average women today. The average women today weighs 23 percent less.
  • Look

    Models finally had the look that was direct opposite then boyish.
  • The look

    The look
    a model had to be tall, very thin, the height 5'9 to 5'10. A size 2 to 4 but they would like to see a size 0.
  • Models

    86.8% of models have been asked to pose nude at a casting or job without any advanced notice.
  • Faces

    The year 2012 they were adding more and more faces to change things up and give modeling a fresh look.
  • Designer

    There are more promising high/low designer collaborations today. Giving the fashion world more to look forward to everyday.