Hetalia's Beginning

  • Wbcomic/Manga

    The first volume of Hetalia: Axis powers, was released on this date by Hidekaz Himaruya. The company to publish this manga was Gentosha Comics.
  • Anime is here!

    Anime is here!
    Hetalia: Axis Powers, came out with its first anime season in July of 2008. It was directed by Bob Shirohata, and was animated by Studio Deen.
  • Drama CDs

    Drama CDs
    The first offical Drama CD of the series was known as Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue. Eight more Drama CDs have followed since making a total of nine Drama CDs in the entire series.
  • Hetalia Day

    Hetalia Day
    Hetalia Day is a day that fans of the Hetalia series created in the year of 2009, and has been continued ever since. All the fans meet uo together in a particular location and are able to celebrate the series.
  • Funimation Takes Over

    Funimation Takes Over
    Funimation soon gained the rights to release the first two seasons of Hetalia in the United States and Canada. Soon, Funimation soon began streaming Hetalia on their website, Hulu with Japanese audio and English sub titles.
  • Movie

    The series was given a film, and was released in June of 2010. The film was titled Paint It White. In the film, there is an alian invasion and all the nation turn to white blobs. It is up to Italy, the main protagonist, to save the day.
  • Hitting Television

    Hitting Television
    In December of 2010, the series made television in North America on the Funnimation channel. It was broadcasted in English, and each character had accents as well.
  • Video Game

    Video Game
    A single player video game was released in Japan for the famous Hetalia series in March of 2011. The video game is known as Gakuen Hetalia, and is made for the PSP. The game is only in Japanese and has no English dub to it.