Herve's career path

  • Period: to

    Date of Birth till present

  • Started Elementary School

    My dad started school at an all french catholic elementary school called St.Victor in Mattawa Ontario
  • Attending Highschool

    My dad attened an all french catholic highschool in Northbay Ontario and finished in 1980
  • Enrolled in cadets

    Mt father wasenrolled in the army cadets from the age 13 till the age of 18. He learned leadership, self dicipline, and communication while attending the camp
  • First Job

    His very first job out of highschool was beign an assistant cook preparing breakfast at camp Tillicum
  • The Storage Facility

    My dad had his first real change in work when he went from being a cook to working in a storage facility on the Northby military base
  • Job Oppertunity

    My dad finally decided to get out of the army field and go in to the trades, he went on to work at the mattawa planner mill for a year and a bit
  • Rioux Family sawmill

    After a year at working at the planner mill he got a job oppertunity for a better paying job at the saw mill in Mattawa. He went from making $5 per hour to $6.25per hour.
  • 4 Year appretiship began

    For the first year he began his training in parry-Sound, On for the first 6 months, and then he got tranfered to Huntsville where he stayed for 5 years
  • Transfer to Bracbridge

    He was than transfered to bracebridge where he continued his forestry career with hydro one
  • Began Foresty Technician career

    From 1990 to 2013 he has worked in public relation estimating projects and job sites for the crew members, and preparing work packages for the crews to exicute the work
  • NOW

    As of now my dad he is looking forwad to retiering in the next two years and begining his new journey