Timeline created by ChloeGardner
  • Heroes Free Write

    We answered questions about heroes in our lives.
  • Subway Hero Video

    David Letterman Video about Subway hero Wesley Autrey.
  • Why Courage Matters by John McCain

    Roy Benavides' story of courage and heroism in the Vietnam War.
  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    We watched Mrs. Simmon and Mrs. Allen's interview with Peace Corps volunteer Kristi Quillen, stationed in Costa Rica.
  • Hero's Journey Assignment

    We discussed our hero project and I decided I want to write about a hero in the medical field. Idea: Decide on the Doctor and ask Dahlia if she has any connections to someone I can interview.
  • Condidered Heros

  • What a Hero is...

    -Cause greater than self interest. (Post Conventional?)
    -Selfless/self sacrificing acts
    -Idealized for courage, noble qualities, or outstanding achievements
  • The rough guide to Nelson Mandela

    Today I bought my copy of a Nelson Mandela biography and spent a long time reading it. I am learning lots of new things about Mandela, and he is even more of a hero than I thought.
  • My Hero: Nelson Madela

    To me a hero is completely selfless, acts for the good of humanity and a cause greater than ones self, and possesses immense courage. When all is said and done, the hero provides an ideal for society to look up to. When considering whom to choose as my hero for this project, many well-known heroes came to mind as options, but ultimately I selected my hero as someone who matched my definition best. My hero is Nelson Mandela. Mandela has always stuck out to me as someone who not only accomplis
  • Powerpoint

    In class we went further in depth to explore the various knds of heroes. i took away that Nelson Mandela is most likely a political hero, as he possessess love of his country, pride, courage, strenght, resilience, nobility, and grace.
  • Different types of heroes

    MY opinions of heroes was broadly expanded, and I feel like i am now much more prepared to explore how Nelson Mandela can be classified as a hero.
  • Dad

    Today I was telling my Dad about the project and he said that he had heard Nelson Mandela speak. I suppose he had told me that before but it had completely slipped my mind. In hindsight, I realize he indirectly planted the idea of using Nelson Mandela as my hero in my mind. Apparently, I had asked him about who was a hero before and with conviction he replied, "Nelson Mandela". Since then I have been curious about Mandala, and looked up to him as a personal hero.
  • Change the World Powerpoint

    We saw modern day examples of heros in everyday life. I thought the Badly Drawn Boy and the Pay it Forward commercial were particularly heroic in their messages. They seem to fit my personal opinion of what a hero is.
  • 1/23

    In class we listed books to help remind us of all the heroes we have read about. This sparked my memory and reminded me of novels such as Parallel Journeys, the Book Thief, and To Kill A Mockingbird, and how they inspired me.
  • First Chapter Monday

    I really enjoyed hearing passages from other peoples heros biographies. It just further emphasized how broad of a spectrum of heros there is. Everyones definition of a hero is different.