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  • First aparition

    First aparition
    His first appearance was in PC minecrft in a very old version, it appeared in the fog and managed to be captured, from which the legend began.
  • Leyend

    On July 14, 2014, notch sends a message about Herobrine to jeb
  • First aparition in xbox edition

    First aparition in xbox edition
    First time Herobrine appeared in minecrft xbox edition in a player's game
  • Eliminate

    In the update of minecrft 1.0.0, Mojang minecrft company added to the list of changes the alleged elimination of herobrine in the game
  • Captured

    Joseffcraft captured Herobrine while broadcasting a live on youtube, he did not realize until he reviewed the video
  • Invocation

    A possible way of invoking Herobrine was found even though it ended up being totally false.
  • Al3xeitor

    the youtuber al3xeitor captured herobrine on video leaving his existence more in doubt
  • Mods

    Mods were implemented that you can download in an extra way to be able to live the experience with Herobrine.
  • Return

    players have seen herobrine see this 2019 on the return of minecraft