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Hero timeline!

By leeygok
  • Discussion with Molly

    Discussion with Molly
    After band rehearsal in drumroom, we talked about who we were choosing as our heros and we both had no ideas. However, we discussed what we thought was the definition of a hero and i got a better and clear idea of who my hero should be after i talked to her! YAY(:
  • Period: to

    hero timeline

  • Marla Runyan

    Marla Runyan
    I finally chose my hero, Marla Runyan and read her biographies from gale group.
  • 2nd day in Library

    2nd day in Library
    Molly, Kaitlyn, and I did more searches on our heroes and also worked on our first blog which is How I Chose My Subject.
  • Ordered No Finish Line from amazon

    Ordered No Finish Line from amazon
    I went to Barnes&Noble, Books-a-million, and FortBend Library to find this book written by Marla Runyan, however i couldn't find it anywhere. So i went online and ordered it from Hopefully, it gets delivered early so i can read it while i take my time!
  • How i chose my subject Blog

    How i chose my subject Blog
    I just finished my first blog post: how i chose my subject. It defintely feels good to finish an assignment early(:
  • Book has finally arrived!

    Book has finally arrived!
    I am so excited that No finish line biography by Marla Runyan has finally come today and i can not wait to read her amazing story and how she has overcome her hardships!
  • Posted 2nd blog

    Posted 2nd blog
    I worked on my second blog today which was to write about heroes in literature. I chose Hans and his family from The Book Thief, because he helped hiding Max during Second World War and risked his own life.
  • Interview with Mrs.Dolan

    Interview with Mrs.Dolan
    I interviewed/recored Mrs.Dolan who is a special education teacher here in CinoRanchHighSchool and she did such an awesome job! Thank you!
  • Enjoying the book

    Enjoying the book
    I really liked this one paragraph from the book No Finish Line: "My blindness is positive thing. It not only has forced me to prove my competence but also has pushed me to achieve. It has given me gifts, such as will and commitment, that I use every day."