Hero Project Timeline

  • Subway Hero video

    Subway Hero video
    Wesley Autrey, a passerby, leaves the side of his two young daughters to help a stranger having a seizure. Later, the man falls onto the rails of the subway. Without thinking twice, Wesley jumps onto the tracks to rescue the man. As the train approaches, Wesley quickly lies down on top of the man. There is just enough clearance that neither of the men are injured. Many consider Wesley Autrey a hero.
  • Why Courage Matters by John McCain

    Why Courage Matters by John McCain
    In this In-class discussion, McCain’s book, Why Courage Matters posed serious questions about what it means to be “heroic”.
  • Chose Steven Spielberg as my hero

    Chose Steven Spielberg as my hero
    I had been searching for someone whom I consider a hero for several days. Finally, I decided to research Spielberg, as his life any cinematic works interest me.
  • Example video interview

    Example video interview
    A brief in-class demonstration of interview process
  • Heroes in Literature worksheet

    Heroes in Literature worksheet
    This in-class worksheet discussing heroic qualities of characters in literature made me realize how heroic Atticus Finch’s actions were in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Checked out biography from public library

    I requested one of the few Spielberg biographies from another library to be delivered to the local public library.
  • ABC-CLIO and Encyclopedia Britannica Articles

    ABC-CLIO and Encyclopedia Britannica Articles
    I found two online articles about Spielberg’s work and his life.
  • Change the World” PowerPoint (day 1)

    Change the World” PowerPoint (day 1)
    This In-class discussion consisted of the many different classifications of heroes.
  • “Change the World” PowerPoint (day 2)

    “Change the World” PowerPoint (day 2)
    This in-class discussion involved analyzing the thematic elements and tone of several online videos.
  • First Blog Post

    First Blog Post
    I posted my first post to my posterous blog, explaining how I chose Steven Spielberg as my hero.
  • "Change the World" PowerPoint (day 3)

    "Change the World" PowerPoint (day 3)
    I realized how the current generation of children will eventually shape the future. Furthermore, they are already making an impact upon the earth
  • Second Blog Post

    Second Blog Post
    In my second blog post, I explained the importance heroes in literature and the overall role of heroic figures in society.