Hermann Rorschach

  • Birth

    Herman Rorschach was born on november 8th of 1884 in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Death of his mother

    Rorschachs mother dies when he iss 12.
  • Orphaned

    His father dies when he is 18, leaving him as an orphan.
  • Graduation

    Rorschach graduates from high school with honors.
  • M.D.

    recieved his M.D. from the University of Zurich in 1909
  • Career

    took a residency at a mental institution in Munsterlingen, Switzerland.
  • Began experimenting wiht the Ink Blot

    In 1911, Rorschach began experimenting with ink blot interpretation
  • Doctoral Dissertation

    Rorschach finished his doctoral dissertation, "sur les hallucinations-réflexes et les phénomènes associés"
  • Marriage

    Hermann Rorschach marries Olga Stempelin.
  • Waldau Psychiatric Clinic

    1914 he accepted a position at the Waldau psychiatric clinic
  • Career

    Rorschach was appointed associate director of the asylum at Herisau,
  • Children

    First child, Wadin, born in 1917
  • Children

    Second child, Elizabeth, born in 1919
  • Elected Vice President of SPS

    Rorschach was elected vice president of the Swiss Psychoanalytic Society in 1919
  • Published Psychodiagnostik

    In 1921, Rorschach published the results of his studies on Ink Blot interpretation
  • Appendicitis

    Hermann Rorschach was hospitalised after a week of abdominal pains
  • Death

    Hermann rorschach died on april 1st of 1922 due to peritonitis.