henry hudson

  • Jan 1, 1570

    Henry hudsons child hood

    Henry hudsons child hood
    Henry hudson was born in England in the year 1570 in sepetember the 12.
  • when and where did henry hudson go to school

    when and where did henry hudson go to school
    henry Hudson went to harvord university he learned about cartography, navigatoin,astonmy, mathematics, and seamanship
  • First Voyage

    First Voyage
    On the first voyage he was trying to find the north passage but instead he found whale bay while he was searching for the north passage.
  • second vayage

    second vayage
    on the second vayage they traded with the indains but then they started fighting so henry hudson turned back, to england he was sailing for the dutch.
  • third voyage

    third voyage
    henry hudson started his third voyage on 1609 the crew he was with were ship memebers juet, henry greene, and his son john
  • house arrest

    house arrest
    When hanry hudson came back from the voyage he was put under house arrest for sailing for another country.
  • when he died

    when  he died
    Henry Hudson died on his fourth voyage the crew mutineid against him. they put the crew that was still loyal to him and his son John on a small boat. nobody ever saw Henry Hudson or his son again.