Henry Ford Timeline

By kk25
  • Henry Ford Birth

  • Henry gets his first job

    Henry Ford leaves his home and gets a job in Detroit, He works at Flowers Brothers Machine shop where he shapes brass valves on a milling machine.
  • completes first automobile

    After spending two years working on it, Henry completes his first automobile "the Quadricycle", and drives it around Detroit.
  • Fords first company is created

    For Forms the Detroit Automobile company with investors, where he constantly improves his models.
  • Ford Introduces the Model T

    Ford introduces the model T, the demand is so high that the company puts new orders on a hiatus.
  • First working assembly line

    Fords highland park factory begins operating the first moving automobile assembly line in the world. By the end of the year they employ over 13,000 men.
  • Ending the War

    Henry calls a press conference to announce plans to end ww1. The plans included chartering an ocean linear and sailing to Europe to convince nations to stop fighting. It was a failure.
  • Henry Ford Resigns

    Henry Ford resigns his company presidencey to his 25 year old son.
  • Tricking the stock holders

    Henry Ford declares that he is starting a rival automobile company, the announcment excites the people but startles the stock holders, as they fear losing their money, they sell their stocks.
    By July Ford announces the news a trick, his agents had purchased all the stocks and there would be no rival automobile company. For the first time the Ford family controls every last share in the Ford Motor Company.
  • The 15 millionth model T

    Ford Motors makes the 15 millionth model T
  • Great Depression

    The stock market crashes and the Great Depression hits the U.S.
  • 7 dollar days

    henry ford introduces the 7 dollar day pay to try and ward off the Depression. but to no avail
  • Edsel Dies

    Edsel Ford, Henry fords son dies at age 49 from incurable stomach cancer.
  • Henry Ford takes over

    Henry Ford is re-elected the president of ford motor company.
  • Henry Ford Death